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A Growable Network Information System

Welcome to the AGNIS website. Here you will find the latest news and information about this exciting project. Whether you are looking to find out what all the talk is about or are a AGNIS guru, this is the site for you. If this is your first time to the site and are looking for general information about AGNIS, start by clicking on "About AGNIS" in the menu above. If you are familiar with what AGNIS is, then check out the News, FAQs and Documentation sections for more technical information.

AGNIS v2.8.9 support of FormsNet forms*


* percentage of submitted and completed forms supported by AGNIS
CIBMTR Form Submission

With AGNIS your institution will be able to electronically submit and retrieve 15 CIBMTR recipient outcome forms. This includes seven mandated forms (pre- and post-TED, HLA, IDM, Infusion, Chimerism, and Selected Post-TED ), five Comprehensive Forms (Baseline, 100 day Follow-Up, 6 mo. to 2 yr. Follow-up, Annual Follow-Up, and Death),  Unique ID Assignment, and two disease specific inserts (Pre- and Post-HSCT Hodgkin and Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma).  Watch this space for future details.


Now Available

AGNIS 2.8.9 released, supporting submission of forms 2018 and 2118 Revision 1. 

AGNIS 2.8.6 released, supporting publication and retrieval of form 2000 Revision 2. 

AGNIS 2.8.5 released, supporting submission of form 2000 Revision 2. 

AGNIS 2.8.4 released, updates 2804 mappings, updates to support submissions using ValueMeaningPublicID for VisitID, and updates to support the error override process.

AGNIS 2.8.3 released, supporting submission of form 2804 Revision 3.

 AGNIS 2.8.2 released, corrected an error with the AGNIS publisher and will support updates to FormsNet release 2.14.1.

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